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We offer comprehensive services in the field of research and introduction of cosmetic products, medical devices and household chemicals to the Polish market and the entire European Union. We support producers, distributors and importers in all activities related to the development and updating of product documentation. The laboratory specializes in dermatological, application and apparatus research. We confirm the quality and safety of cosmetic products, medical devices, household chemicals, dietary supplements, textiles and food products. We prepare all product documentation, verify marketing claims and labels. We create Safety Assessment Reports and register products in the CPNP database. We advise technically during the preparation of new cosmetic recipes. All activities are carried out in cooperation with the best specialists in various fields, in accordance with the requirements of cosmetics law.

Skin Lab International is a dynamically developing research center. A positive assessment of the company is shaped primarily by continuous analysis of market changes, education, professionalism and full commitment to the work performed. Our advantage is a team of employees - specialists in chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetology, microbiology and medicine (dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, allergology) and marketing. In addition, we have our own base of probants, and in order to provide the highest quality of services, we independently recruit for all tests. Being aware that our work is one of the key elements of product success on the market, we offer the latest research techniques and methods. In addition, the highest level of service and high precision of the results obtained enables work on the best laboratory and medical equipment. Substantive supervision of experienced and trained staff, the latest techniques and innovative methods make us provide services at the highest level. We have our own Application, Dermatological and Cosmetic Offices. We are supported by a sister company, the Institute of Dermatology, and the Idealle Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. We conduct all tests in accordance with the principles of Good Clinical Research Practice (ICH GCP), Good Laboratory Practice, and internal procedures. Skin Lab International is a reliable partner. We guarantee high quality of our services, timeliness and confidentiality of tests and results. Our research confirms: quality, effectiveness and product safety.

Physiochemical tests

basic and extended physical, physiochemical, organoleptics, stability and compatibility tests of cosmetic mass with packaging, tests for household chemistry products (including biodegradability), centrifuge tests

Microbiological tests

assessment of microbiological purity of products and packaging, load testing - assessment of the effectiveness of preservatives, PAO test, water activity test

Dermatological tests

basic and extended research, HRIPT, assessment of skin irritation, hypoallergenic tests, tensile tests, dermatological tests of professional products, medical devices and household chemistry

In-use tests

including tests conducted at the Institute of Dermatology under the supervision of an ophthalmologist, gynecologist, allergist and other specialists, tests combined with treatments performed at Eco Plant Day Spa and Idealle Clinic.

Apparatus test: skin and hair

skin hydration, elasticity, transepidermal water loss - TEWL, sebum, pore character, hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity, inflammation, erythema / redness of the skin, wrinkle analysis, scalp condition, hair density, keratinization, hair follicles, hair scales, skin pH.

Marketing and consumer research, research on purchase preferences

cosmetics, medical devices, household chemicals, hygiene products, textiles, comparative research with benchmark products, quick functional tests

Research of medical products in terms of effectiveness and safety

including agents used in aesthetic medicine procedures

Examination of cosmetic packaging and household chemistry

identification of the material from which the packaging was made, microbiological purity of packaging, determination of heavy metals, study of global migration

Ocena bezpieczeństwa (Safety Assessment Reports)

safety assessment reports developed for cosmetics, chemicals and hygiene products (in accordance with the General Safety Act), clinical reports for medical products.

Production, confectioning, labeling

contract manufacturing, design of labels for cosmetics, medical devices and household chemicals in accordance with legal requirements

Other tests - tailored to the needs of the client

if we do not have any research on offer - we will design them especially for you

Analysis of labels in terms of meeting legal requirements

checking the correctness of the labelling of cosmetic products, medical devices and household chemicals. Analysis of marketing declarations in accordance with the latest legal regulations, correction of marketing content.

Research on household chemistry products

specialized research dedicated to household chemistry products (eg washing powders), including advanced physicochemical determinations

Research on customer preferences

if you do not know what product is currently in demand, we will conduct a specialist market analysis and answer your question

Research of dietary supplements

microbiological tests (detection of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus aureus, determination of the number of aerobic microorganisms, yeast and mold), determination of vitamins and minerals, heavy metals. Preparation of correct labeling of labels, packaging and leaflets.

Do the test and use our logotype

We give our clients the opportunity to use our mark on their products. Do research, confirm safety and effectiveness with our logo!

Quick expert advice – consultation

a team of specialists in the field of research, documentation and security will be happy to answer all your questions.

Products for animals

development of new recipes for cosmetics and cleaning products for animals, laboratory tests, preparation of appropriate documentation, introduction of products to the market.

Determination of the SPF (in vitro)

includes determining the following parameters:
- SPF factor
- Erythermal UVA PF
- critical wavelength
- UVA / UVB rating on the Boots scale.

Determination of the SPF (in vivo)

Study on a group of volunteers.

Water resistance testing of sunscreen preparations (in vitro).

Water resistance is determined by dividing the value of the SPF coefficient before the "water bath" to the value of the coefficient
SPF after a 20-minute "water bath" at 25 ± ° C on a Vitro Skin support. Testing the waterproofness of sunscreen preparations (in vitro).

Analysis of the composition of products in terms of the raw materials used.

Analysis of the composition of the product from the angle of the raw materials used (allowed for use in
cosmetic formulations).

Development of specialist documentation for dietary supplements confirming the safety of the product

- composition assessment and classification
- toxicological evaluation of raw materials
- toxicological evaluation of the finished product
- safety assessment of the supplement
- performance evaluation
- assessment of correctness of statements
- label analysis
- registration in GIS.

Dyes and inks for permanent make-up and tattoo

- safety assessment and toxicological analysis for permanent makeup products (PMU) and tattoo products
- documentation prepared in accordance with Resolution ResAP(2008)1 on requirements and criteria for the safety of tattoos and permanent make-up (superseding Resolution ResAP(2003)2 on tattoos and permanent make-up)
- selection of appropriate laboratory tests
- preparation of the labeling content for permanent makeup products (PMU) and tattoos (in accordance with Resolution ResAP (2008)1).

Development of specialist documentation for dietary supplements for animals

- composition assessment and classification
- toxicological evaluation of raw materials
- toxicological evaluation of the finished product
- safety assessment of the supplement
- performance evaluation
- assessment of correctness of statements
- label analysis
- registration in GIW.

Research for products intended for special target groups

- children
- intimate hygiene products
- products for pregnant women.
We perform application (in-use) tests in a specialist institution - the Institute of Dermatology, under the supervision of specialist, such as: dermatologist, gynecologist, pediatrician, allergist.

T-shirt test

- assessment of local skin tolerance for fabrics washed in the tested product (washing powders, washing liquids, rinsing liquids and others).

Opinions on products intended for children, pregnant women, after childbirth, and sun care products for children

A team of experts: physicians (dermatologists, paediatricians, gynecologists) and toxicologists, assesses the product formulation, dermatological and toxicological safety, and then issues an opinion on the safety of the product (cosmetics, household chemistry products) for the target group.

Research of products for children under the supervision of a pediatrician

- research on cosmetics, household chemistry, hygiene products, carried out on children under the supervision of a pediatrician and dermatologist.

Essential oils – borderline products

- specialist tests for essential oils
- developing appropriate documentation, authorizing the introduction of essential oils on the EU market.

Supervision of application tests by an ophthalmologist

- especially recommended for products used in the eye area
- application tests conducted on people with sensitive skin
- the possibility of including information on the product label: ophthalmologically tested / under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.

PAO research

determining the shelf life of cosmetic products after opening
- complex and long-term research allows to determine the number of months after the opening of the cosmetic (3M, 6M, 9M, 12M), during which the cosmetic product will still be safe for the user.

Toxicological assessment of cosmetic products, dietary supplements, household chemistry, medicinal / medical products and others.

- preparation of specialist documentation (toxicological profiles)
- toxicological analysis of ingredients
- toxicological analysis of the finished product

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