The purpose of the analysis is to determine the depth of penetration / penetration of the components through the layers of skin. Research is conducted on scraps of human skin.
Each of the analyzed substances must undergo a pilot study, which is carried out in order to determine whether it is distinguishable by the Raman technique from other components of the final product. A pilot study is also conducted to determine whether the test substance has intense, characteristic bands for the skin permeation test. After the pilot study, a decision is made to carry out the next steps of the analysis (tracking the permeation of the selected active substance.
Substance permeation analysis
is a study conducted after positive result of the pilot study. Selected active substances are mapped by Raman spectroscopy, based on the previously obtained patterns of the tested active substance, the so-called marker bands.
The depth of the substance penetration through the layers of the skin is determined on the recorded maps. The test is performed in 3 biological replications and 3 technical replications (statistical confirmation of the penetration depth).

What we can use the Raman technique for?

  • Checking if a given cosmetic formula overcomes the epidermal barrier.
  • The test allows to obtain a numerical value representing the depth of penetration into the skin.
  • The test is used to compare several recipes with the same active ingredient in order to select the formulation which allows the best penetration through the epidermis.
  • The test makes it possible to select the best, most effective active substance.
  • Możliwość porównania danej formulacji (receptury) na tle konkurencji
  • Możliwość wybrania najlepszej, najbardziej skutecznej substancji aktywnej
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