Laboratory Skin Lab International Ltd. offers a comprehensive package of microbiological, dermatological, physico-chemical, application (in-use) and implementation tests aimed at confirming the safety, quality and effectiveness of products offered by our partners. Each product must undergo a series of complex tests before placing it on the market. Skin Lab Int. in the interest of ensuring a high level of human health protection, performs a detailed analysis of products at the recipe level. The issuing of the Safety Assessment Report requires first of all to be tested for microbiological purity and the effectiveness of the preservative system in order to prevent the danger associated with the infection of cosmetic products. The preparations are also subjected to dermatological tests to determine the level of skin tolerance for the substances being applied and to exclude irritating or allergic effects. Skin Lab International undertakes permanent cooperation with cosmetologists and physicians in the field of dermatology, gynecology, urology and others and short-term cooperation with specialist institutions to provide a wide range of services tailored to the client's needs. We also specialize in performing application (in-use) and apparatus tests, thanks to which it is possible to assess the effectiveness of the product within the scope of cosmetics declared by the manufacturer. We have a wide base of volunteers, thanks to which the tests carried out in our laboratory are reliable. We make individual recruitment of the volunteers to meet the requirements set by the manufacturer. We have high-class devices, thanks to which it is possible to perform application (in-use) and apparatus tests confirming the following declarations for cosmetic products:

- increase in skin hydration (corneometer)

- reduction of transepidermal water loss (TEWL)

- reduction of sebum production (reduction of sebaceous glands)

- reduction of skin redness (erythema)

- equalizing skin tone / reducing / brightening discolorations (melanin)

- visual assessment of skin condition (micro-photo of the skin made using the Videoscope probe)

- increased skin elasticity

- elimination of wrinkles

- reducing skin pores.

Extensive knowledge about EU requirements and national law means that we can offer you the optimal range of necessary research.

Our offer includes all cosmetic products:

- soaps

- gels

- shampoos

- balms

- creams

- foams

- oils

- lipsticks

- perfumes

- toilet waters

- powders

- nail polishes and nail polish removers

- mascaras, lip glosses, eye shadows, etc.

Our experts also provide expert advice on:

- developing, improving and adapting recipes to current legal requirements and market trends

- development of product documentation

- selection of appropriate quality control methods

We approach each client individually, trying to meet his expectations. We provide full professionalism, objectivity and confidentiality while performing our services.

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